[TYPO3-core] Target Versions in TYPO3 CMS Issue Tracker

Alexander Opitz opitz at pluspol.info
Tue May 21 18:34:56 CEST 2013


> Yes, I have seen that too. That's at least a good start, and might even
> be enough in our case. Let's see!

I found following extension:


"Project with description" could there be "6.2 LTS"
"Subproject level 1" could be "General"

But I've no redmine to try, what this can do.

> This is out of question, we don't need "another tool" for the same
> thing, this is why I want to get rid of the Target Version for
> patchlevel which just confuse people that expect that to hold valid
> information.

Ok, understand, but it won't be searchable by fields in redmine. ;-)
We could also fill this data into a "multiselect custom field" but the 
roadmap isn't working with that field.

> I expect future release notes to contain direct links to the issues like
> we did some times, i.e. here http://wiki.typo3.org/TYPO3_4.5.23
> Then you the integrator can just click on the link and read about the
> issue. Once the "merged into branch" widget is present, he can see right
> away if the same issue was already solved in previous versions or if
> there are reviews already open etc.

That clicking is nice but I mean it vice versa, find an issue in redmine 
and now find out where it was fixed.

> Seems that in the end we agree on the overall goal. :)

More or less ... yes.

Greetings Alex//

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