[TYPO3-core] Target Versions in TYPO3 CMS Issue Tracker

Alexander Opitz opitz at pluspol.info
Tue May 21 17:48:52 CEST 2013


>> As agency/integrator it is not nice to consult a issue tracker and a
>> ChangeLog to find out if an issue is fixed in a version in one branch.
> You consult only the Release Notes [3] (or the git commit log).
> You cannot consult the issue tracker for this, because we don't actually
> actively record this information there! For example, if you filter for
> "Target Version = 6.0.5" and compare the list of issues actually
> released [3] you will quickly notice that they are way out of sync (and
> also several "not closed" issues along the way)!
> If you have a particular interest in a "bug" in specific ("was it
> backported, and when?"), you can always consult the "merged in core"
> script [4].

You have the subject of the issue in the Release Notes, so you search in 
the issue tracker (which also isn't nice as you have 2 searchs with 
different possibilities). Every issue you find that might be your 
problem, you need to consult a second resource to find out if this might 
be fixed in a version of TYPO3 CMS you are using.

 From the view of a user (and not a developer) this second resource 
isn't communicated to you in the issue tracker so you are lost. And 
personally I don't like different places for one thing. Every time 
another layout, need to learn how that tool works and so on. So we have 
a big barrier for new users.

Its the same problem with comments about code, and what should happen 
and so on laying around in gerrit, but that's another story.

So the tools aren't perfect, but there aren't other who work better. ;)

Greetings Alex//

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