[TYPO3-core] Target Versions in TYPO3 CMS Issue Tracker

Ernesto Baschny [cron] ernst at cron-it.de
Tue May 21 00:24:00 CEST 2013

Am 2013-05-18 12:35, schrieb François Suter:
> Hi Ernesto,
>> 3) Add a new set of Target Versions which could really be useful to the
>> Release Team. Suggestion:
>> - Next  Patchlevel
>> -6.2  General
>> -6.2  Logging
>> -6.2  UX
>> -6.2  FAL
>> - etc...
> I agree about dropping the "patch-level" part of the target versions,
> but I'm unconvinced about the above proposal. We already have
> categories. Aren't "topical" target versions somehow redundant?

Not at all, as they serve different purposes.

Categories does not have "Roadmaps". Categories are set by the user 
deciding the topic of the bug or suggestion itself. We cannot (and do 
not want to) enforce "Categories can only be set by the RM".

Having only a general "6.2" roadmap without any kind of sub-grouping is 
not very useful - considering differently paced groups are working on 
different iniciatives. Instead of constantly having to publish a "list 
of issues the RM wants to see solved" in certain areas, one can always 
look at the Roadmaps to get that information at a glance - generated 
automatically. The "FAL" Roadmap wouldn't influence the performance 
measurement of the "Logging" Roadmap.

The RM could also decide that the iniciative leader can assign their 
tasks to the relevant "Roadmap".

Consider "Logging": there will be API issues, code cleanups, maybe 
changes in the Install Tool, Localization issues, Performance ... All 
different categories, but all for the overall "Logging" goal.

I agree that this could hold some redundancies. Since this was never 
done before, I would like to give it an experimental trial for 6.2 to 
see how it works. I'll start with a generic 6.2 roadmap and split up 
only if I see the necessity.

Our Core developers have the habit to work on tasks without any visible 
"planning" in the tracker. Developers work on their stuff, and just 
shortly before pushing to gerrit they create a "pro-forma" issue with 
the relevant information. This is of course doesn't allow us to maintain 
any "Roadmap" as we don't publicize what's planned. It's only in the 
head of the developer. I would like to motivate people to work in a more 
"plannable" way by using the issue tracker more actively.


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