[TYPO3-core] Re: Upgrade to TYPO3 CMS 6.1beta2

Rob De Vries dev at rob-ot.be
Wed May 15 14:45:24 CEST 2013

Maybe not the perfect sollution, but works for me:

download git version : https://git.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Extensions/tt_news.git

change following:
ext_localconf.php line 48
form:$t3version = t3lib_div::int_from_ver(TYPO3_version);
to :  t3lib_utility_VersionNumber::convertVersionNumberToInteger(TYPO3_version);

(i know,  $t3version = t3lib_utility_VersionNumber::convertVersionNumberToInteger(TYPO3_version); without the if statement would do the trick also)

in class.tx_ttnews_compatibility.php add on line 90:

	 * Returns an integer from a three part version number, eg '4.12.3' -> 4012003
	 * @param string $verNumberStr Version number on format x.x.x
	 * @return integer Integer version of version number (where each part can count to 999)
	 * @deprecated to be removed in TYPO3 6.1.0
	public function testInt($verNumberStr) {
		if ($this->isVersion6) {
			return t3lib_utility_VersionNumber::convertVersionNumberToInteger($verNumberStr);
		} else {
			return t3lib_div::int_from_ver($verNumberStr);

This is a missing method called from class.ext_update.php on line 379.

correct me if i'm wrong.
a beer if i'm right ;)


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