[TYPO3-core] Re: Re: Re: Re: Active Contributors, Core Team Meeting Nürnberg

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon May 13 15:31:27 CEST 2013

> For me it's not about having any status or a nice label. The terms
> should communicate the correct message to the outside world. In posts in
> forum/lists, in the bugtracker, such a label could (and should)
> communicate the role of a person in a community. The term "Active
> Contributor" only tells me that the person actively contributes
> something; nothing more, nothing less. To others (at least to those who
> came up with the term) it seems to communicate 'trust'.

It seems you missed the point here, since as far as I understood, it's 
just the other way around: "Core Team Member" is about activity AND 
trust, while "Active Contributor" is just about activity.

So to be a "Core Team Member" you must have both, which was not true 
anymore for many if not most of the former "Core Team Members", which is 
why the "Active Contributor" role was introduced as a prerequisite for 
the "Core Team Member" role.

But according to the description I understood it slightly different as 
well: Actually the former "Core Team Members" currently should be both 
"Core Team Member" AND "Active Contributor" but as soon as they will 
lose the "Active Contibutor" status due to being inactive for a long 
time, they would lose the "Core Team Member" role as well.

So I didn't expect the whole core team despite the release managers to 
be just "Active Contributors" from now on, but I expected some former 
members to be removed until the end of the year.

But maybe I am wrong here ...

Just my 2 cents


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