[TYPO3-core] Closing of issues

Michael Stucki michael.stucki at typo3.org
Sat May 11 14:56:27 CEST 2013

Hi folks,

just a note while I'm checking some recent updates in Forge.

First of all, many thanks to all those who are keeping the issue tracker
clean and updated. I appreciate that very much!

I have a small wish however, which is about closing of issues:
Please do not close issues directly. They can't be reopened again.

Imagine a user who reported an issue 2 years ago and it never got fixed.
Two years later, someone closes the issue due to lack of activity, but
the reporter can't even reopen it.

I think that is not very encouraging for the reporter and should be
changed. Instead of closing, change the status to "resolved".
Additionally, add a nice message to the update, for example:

| It looks like nobody else could reproduce the problem for more than a
| year, therefore I am closing the issue now.
| If you think this is wrong, please reopen the issue and mention that
| it still occurs in the latest version. Thank you for understanding!

Note that I use the word "close" but technically we're just resolving
the issue. From time to time we can go ahead and close all resolved
issues, to have the issue tracker cleaned up.

Greetings, Michael

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