[TYPO3-core] Issue handling

Alexander Opitz opitz at pluspol.info
Fri May 10 09:58:53 CEST 2013

Hi Bernd,

> now these issues are closed because of 'this issue was brought up with
> 4.1, nothing has been done and in 6.0 everything has been renamed so it
> has no relevance at all'.

They are don't closed cause files/classes are renamed. Write me the 
issue numbers and I'll take a look into them.

> 6.2 could be better if issues are not ignored for years and then closed
> because of age.

There was (and is) to less man power to get all issues worked out. Most 
of them have such a bad description that you can't try it yourself to 
verify a bug or you need to much time. I had the same problem, my opened 
reports got never fixed, I did patches for the customers and posted 
them, but nothing changed. And in every new version I needed to remerge 
my fixes, that costs a lot of time. That's why I'm now here (and still 
not all bugs got fixed).

> a clean-up with just closing will reduce the number, but will not lead
> to a better product.

As the TYPO3 Core Team do not have the man power to check the existence 
of all old issues, they need to concentrate on the known to exists 
issues. Which needs the help of the community, course the peoples knows 
if the bug exists or not.

> this kind of issue handling is a big dissapointment in my TYPO3-experience.

I also was disappointed, cause patches die in the hell of merges or got 
bitrotted by rewritings. That's why I'm now here. The TYPO3 CMS Team got 
restructured, the work got restructured.

> are you really thinking that those old installations including the bug are still living?

No, thats why I ask in the issues if the issue exists in newer versions 
like 4.5 or 6.1 (or only 6.1 for features).

> or that a patch has been ported in all updates since then?

Patches should go into master and will be backported as needed to new 
minor releases of the major version.

> or even that I (as freelancer) have still access to that installations?

No, why should you, but who is using such old installations? This are 
all issue reports for TYPO3 CMS before 4.5, so if they are older they 
won't get an update minor release. And if you don't have this issue seen 
in newer versions of TYPO3 CMS installations, to which you have access, 
then it may be fixed. Why waste the time with such an old issue report 
and do not concentrate on issues in 4.5, 4.7, 6.0 and 6.1?

And by the way, the most work is done in spare time, it should make fun 
and shouldn't frustrate the developers and contributors.

Greetings Alex//

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