[TYPO3-core] Issue handling

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Fri May 10 09:04:38 CEST 2013

Am 09.05.2013 23:15, schrieb Alexander Opitz:
> Hey,
> the last weeks I poked through more then 1.200 very old core issues, closing
> some duplicates or having no response since over one year. But mostly asked
> for Feedback. Sometimes with the feeling that "chrissitopher" stands behind
> me. ;-)
> As I started the issue tracker counted 3880 open issues (Core, no
> Subproject, and TYPO3 version not 6.2), now we have 3689 open issues. Thanks
> to all the issue closer.

As an issue-opener for a long time I got recently a lot of hints about 
issues over 3 years old.
mostly with a long time no action and now demanding feedback.

> The FriendlyGhost (http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-core/wiki/FriendlyGhost) document writes, that the 'Needs Feedback' issues
> now have 90 days time for response. I'd like to reduce this to 1 month, as
> we need to get the numbers of open issues down, very fast.

are you really thinking that those old installations including the bug 
are still living?
or that a patch has been ported in all updates since then?
or even that I (as freelancer) have still access to that installations?

I opened those issues to get a better TYPO3.
as I'm not able to fix the bugs, or get my patches into the core I had 
to live without it. mostly disabling the feature requested or designing 
a wokflow around the bug.

now these issues are closed because of 'this issue was brought up with 
4.1, nothing has been done and in 6.0 everything has been renamed so it 
has no relevance at all'.

> First to get a better overview what needs to be done for a well working
> TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS version.

6.2 could be better if issues are not ignored for years and then closed 
because of age.

> And Second, most contributors are unsatisfied with the huge amount of the
> issues and that nothing happens (and most patches are burning in the "not
> mergable" hell). That was identified and thats why the team structure was
> changed, to speed things up.

a clean-up with just closing will reduce the number, but will not lead 
to a better product.

> Ans last question, if an issue is closed, how a user can contact us? Writing
> in the issue mostly do not help (no assignee and no watchers) and who wants
> to go through the closed issues to look if someone has problems with a patch
> (or why ever the issue was closed).
> Thats all I think for today, happy hacking and typo3ing. ;-)

this kind of issue handling is a big dissapointment in my TYPO3-experience.


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