[TYPO3-core] Speed improvements in ClassLoader

Thomas Maroschik tmaroschik at dfau.de
Sun Mar 24 22:45:52 CET 2013

Hi Alex,

thank you for your efforts in this direction. I'm not fully convinced of 
the choosen approach although suggested by Christian. I expect the class 
alias mechanism to be present for some time because it will ease up 
clean ups and ensure backwards compatibility for future changes.

I've been twisting my head around the issue the whole week and I'm still 
undecided which approach would be the best one regarding performance and 
implementation of the feature.

The biggest issue is that the map gets fully loaded instead of 
incrementally. And this is something that has to be tackled as many 
extension will be always in transition.

Let me elaborate another approach and talk again about it. Feel free to 
contact me also directly on a channel of your choice.



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