[TYPO3-core] The new logging API and the sys_log table

Steffen Müller typo3 at t3node.com
Fri Mar 8 17:21:02 CET 2013


On 08.03.2013 13:28 François Suter wrote:
> Should we have some form of mapping, which would make
> it possible to map a log entry's fields to variable DB fields when
> trying to write to some existing table? I fail to see the point of
> writing to the sys_log table if the entries cannot be read by the tool
> that exists precisely to read that table. And I don't think that belog
> should be changed to accommodate a double DB structure, as it would
> really mess the repository.

This has been discussed and decided with the release team before adding
the API to the core. Personally, I liked the idea of mapping, but it was
decided differently. Lack of time was the crucial factor then. The
Logging team did not have enough time to update or replace the belog
Module until feature freeze. Ingo started to write a new log module
based on Extbase and jQuery to supports the new Logging records. I am
unsure of the current state, but guess it's unfinished.
Replacing the log module is not trivial, since it is an entry point for
browsing the history and we have to find a way to handle log records of
DB updates. So it's basically some more work than just mapping some
field: Redesign UI for Log, replace Logging calls in Core, save the holy
cow etc.

So the reason for this weird stuff is that we're in a transition with

I would be happy to find more contributors for the open tasks (or even
someone who's willing to take leadership or co-leadership). I'd wish I
could contribute more, but ATM I dedicate most of my spare time for my


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