[TYPO3-core] Re: Provide default values for created records

Sebastian Michaelsen michaelsen at t3seo.de
Fri Mar 8 11:53:40 CET 2013

Quote: Andreas Kiessling wrote on Fri, 08 March 2013 10:58
> Hi,
> On 08.03.2013 10:08, Sebastian Michaelsen wrote:
> > Let's say you have an IRRE fields that hold's tt_content records and in
> > this context mostly you want to use the "Image" CE.
> > 
> Are all your records with the IRRE field in a "special" sysfolder? Then
> you should be able to just set
> TCAdefaults.tt_content.CType = image

Thanks, I'm aware of this setting but it doesn't help in my case.
Assume that I also want to create normal tt_content elements on that page without having "image" as default. (Actually in my use case it's not about tt_content by my own extension table).

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