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Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Fri Mar 8 09:03:39 CET 2013

Hi Jo.

Oh, statistics are good. But where do you draw the line? ;)

On 08.03.2013, at 07:26, JoH asenau <info at cybercraft.de> wrote:

>> According to the current marekt share values, 2/3 of all websites are
>> running on linux, with 1/3 of these running on either Debian,Ubuntu or
>> RedHat, which are all on PHP < 5.3.7.
> Actually the 2/3 were Unix, Linux makes just 50% of these.
> Values can be found here:
> http://w3techs.com/technologies/details/os-linux/all/all

Enterprise means something outstanding? But at the same time we need to make sure it runs on the average hosting server? Digging into that statistics you pointed to…

… we should be compatible to PHP 5.2, as almost 50% of those running PHP 5 still run PHP 5.2?

… we should add workarounds for things fixed/improved in PHP because of only 22% of those running PHP 5.3?

Basically we don't know a lot abput what people are actually running. And in a project I am currently involved with, we are using traits. Woah, hold it! That's PHP 5.4 in a customer project… Yes! :)

Anyway, I am looking forward tp the day I can drop those workarounds from the Flow codebase (and related projects). :)

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