[TYPO3-core] PHP version requirement

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Sun Mar 3 21:58:03 CET 2013

Hi Guys,

>> If you have to upgrade hundreds of thousands of servers and clients of
>> your intranet with every new version of OS, browser, you name it - even
>> if an upgrade will take just a few minutes - this will cost you a seven
>> digit amount per upgrade. This is why it has to be avoided wherever
>> possible until the end of lifetime of the software.
> If you stick to standard, then updates are not such a big hassle. Only if 
> you create some (insane?) special formats an procedures, you will face 
> expensive testing costs.

I'm sad reading always the same discussions.
We have 2 points:

	1. debian stable should be supported (with latest fixes)
	2. debian should use standard non backported packages of php.

I think both points should be respected.
I fully agree, that the debian way of backporting is scary, but if we
can ensure that the backports are working, the NON BLOCKING warning can
be savely ignored!


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