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Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Sun Mar 3 21:23:35 CET 2013

Hi JoH asenau,

JoH asenau wrote:

> Keeping software as long as it is supported by the major
> software companies is the daily business we have to deal with, since any
> upgrade will cost you additional Millions of Euros (not just for the
> licenses but for the actual work as well). Having as many systems
> running exactly the same software in exactly the same configuration is
> the other one, since it will get harder to support the systems with any
> exception you are willing to make. This means i.e.: Supporting IE6 until
> the end of the lifetime of Win XP, which is 2014 IIRC, with IE8 being
> the only exception allowed on some special systems but no FF or Chrome.

This will soon end, because big (critical) players will get governmental 
requirements for running secure environments. This will include more 
frequent updates. (applies to Germany)

> If you have to upgrade hundreds of thousands of servers and clients of
> your intranet with every new version of OS, browser, you name it - even
> if an upgrade will take just a few minutes - this will cost you a seven
> digit amount per upgrade. This is why it has to be avoided wherever
> possible until the end of lifetime of the software.

If you stick to standard, then updates are not such a big hassle. Only if 
you create some (insane?) special formats an procedures, you will face 
expensive testing costs.

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