[TYPO3-core] "cherry-pick to" feature in Gerrit

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Wed Jul 17 10:10:51 CEST 2013


On 17-7-2013 0:20, Markus Klein wrote:
> This new version brings a new feature, the "cherry-pick to" button.
> This feature is extremely useful for backporting patches.

I've notice the two times that I used this feature that the "backport" 
had extra whitespace after the closing ?> tag. Manual backports (also 
using cherry-picking, no further editing) did not have this.

Is this a problem with the gerrit feature? Will it eventually add this 
whitespace after merging too?

Jigal van Hemert
TYPO3 CMS Active Contributor

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