[TYPO3-core] The documentation patch has landed :-)

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Tue Jul 16 09:43:00 CEST 2013


>> 6) there is a mysterious diff file stored inside the dbal doc folder,
>> which is also removed by this patch. I don't if it is of any importance.
>> If yes, we can find it a new home. See:
> It's not mysterious; the dbal manual describes it on page 16 (the old
> .sxw page number):
> =======
> Can I put the cache tables in a different database?
> Yes, you can map the cache tables somewhere else. There is one caveat,
> though – if you put the cache_pages table into a different database than
> the pages table the FE will throw an error. The tslib_fe class uses a
> join over those two tables, which cannot work. Never.
> You can do two things to work around this: Use the file-based caching
> that is available since TYPO3 4.0.0 or apply the patch
> class.tslib_fe.php.diff found in the doc/ directory of the DBAL
> extension (beware: this patch is not maintained anymore and may not
> apply cleanly to new versions of TYPO3).
> =======

The point is, "this patch is not maintained anymore". I don't see the
point of providing this file as it cannot apply at all now that we
namespaced everything and having a patch which is not maintained is not
good at all.

What about keeping this paragraph (for the sake of documentation and
explaining how things work) but linking class.tslib_fe.php.diff (in doc)
to the version we can find in Git's history?



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