[TYPO3-core] New installer and symlinked directory

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Tue Jul 16 07:20:43 CEST 2013


On 07/12/2013 01:34 PM, Alexander Opitz wrote:
> I've a problem with the new installer. If I start the installer I get
> following message from the System environment check:
>  >>>
> / is not a directory
> Path /home/opitz/webs/typo3-master should be a directory, but is of type
> link
> <<<
> But as this is usual to my installation I clicked on "I know what I'm
> doing, continue!"
> Now I get this message twice, one over the System environment check and
> one inside the System environment check.
> I don't know if this was intended. The hint is ok, but the installer
> should continue if I accept that.

Yeah. I had a similar report if fileadmin or uploads is a link.

The folder structure throws 3 different types of messages: ok, warning 
and error. Warning is given for "fixable" errors (node does not exist or 
has wrong permissions), error for things the structure code can not fix. 
This is the case for example if some node is not of the expected type, 
eg. if its a link, but if it should be a directory: The folder structure 
code can not change this, since this is probably intended by the admin 
and tons of problems could occur if the code starts fiddling with such 

Currently, LocalConfiguration is only created in step "Environment and 
folders", if the folder structure execution did *not* throw an error. I 
first thought this would be clever, but maybe it would be better to 
force creation of LocalConfiguration in case "I now what I'm doing" was 
clicked. This will execute the step successfully in those cases. A patch 
in this area could relax that.

There is one drawback, though: The folder structure will be checked to 
determine if a core minor upgrade is possible or not (if the GSoC 
project succeeds). So, the folder structure defines the "standard" 
directory and folder layout. If you differ from that (eg. because your 
docroot is not a directory but a link to somewhere), the updater will 
deny execution of the upgrade (because unexpected things may happen that 
can potentially commit hazard to the server). So, if you're doing such 
things, you are partly "out of support".


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