[TYPO3-core] Invitation Grid Elements 2.0 Code Sprint

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Wed Jan 2 15:07:02 CET 2013

Hi folks.

Since we managed to reach the goal for our crowd funded project at 
Startnext, the code sprint will start next weekend.


We are going to have a warm up weekend followed by up to 7 days of paid 
coding up in the mountain of the Upper Harz in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. 
There are up to 9 places available and hotel rooms as well as the 
catering are already booked. So none of the developers has to take care 
of anything else but coding.

Currently there are still 2 places available, so we are looking for you 
to join us between January 5th and January 13th. You can also join the 
team and get paid for coding even though you might not be able to attend 
the code sprint itself, since our deadline is January 31st.

We are especially looking for people who are experienced with TCEmain 
and/or the list module. And we would really appreciate some people of 
the core team to join us, since we want to make sure that the stuff we 
want to create does not conflict with future TYPO3 versions. But other 
developers are welcome as well.

Please join the team here: 
and send your proposals dirtectly to Petra ph at cybercraft.de, since she 
does not follow the newsgroup threads.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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