[TYPO3-core] Translation 'en' missing

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Wed Jan 2 14:19:00 CET 2013


>> Furthermore:
>> In general it would be more persistent to use only the official locales:
>> RFC 1766 and ISO 639, since it's used for config.locale_all already.
> The whole language and translation stuff would be far more consistent
> with using proper locales all over the place (instead of e.g. language
> uids). Would be great if you could work on that and make suggestions
> (this is a totally other topic though).

YES !!!

I recently had problems with a website in default language German with
some mounted parts with default language English after I refrained from
trying to "translate" labels using TS conditions but using localized
texts from fileadmin-based stored XLIFF files, suddenly it worked much

> It would also be good to have a streamlined, easy to use API for label
> translations. Currently it's just a mess...


> [1] With complex I mean e.g. a TYPO3 instance with two domains but
> require a different default language for each domain.

I have this in one install with 4 different default languages and in the
other with (only) 2 different default languages and both with mounted
tree in English (default) and it's always a big pain because I
constantly find cases where it still does not work as "expected".

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