[TYPO3-core] Vendor name for community extensions

Helmut Hummel helmut.hummel at typo3.org
Mon Dec 30 14:19:05 CET 2013


On 29.12.13 17:09, Steffen Ritter wrote:

> Looking to the Flow world all packages by now are in TYPO3 only.

Which they are striving to change.

> As long as it is a community thing, which his "half official" that's
> fine.

TYPO3 namespace is not "half official", it is official and should only 
be used for packages/ extensions that are part of the distribution.

> Same for thing like extdeveval, statictemplates etc...

statictemplates was part of the distribution so this might be a case 
where TYPO3 namespace is fine (although I would tend to change it). But 
extdeveval never was so this should not have this namespace.

> If you are building 6.2 only - I would opt for
> TYPO3.Extensions.ExtensionBuilder or TYPO3.Community.ExtensionBuilder,
> TYPO3.CMS.*sysext* are the package and namespaces of the sysexts...

The Flow team came up with (or at least proposed one) a vendor prefix 
for "half official" packages (which means packages that might become 
part of the official distribution) but unfortunately I can't remember 
the name.

The general conclusion was:

1. Always start developing an extension with a personal namespace (e.g. 

2. If this package turns out to be widely used and is 
supported/developed by one ore many team members, the namespace can be 
changed to a namespace which supports this status (like fof\ for friends 
of symfony in the symfony universe).

3. Once this package becomes part of the distribution, the namespace 
should be changed to TYPO3.

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