[TYPO3-core] A-Badge for Extensions

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Thu Dec 19 13:11:34 CET 2013


>> Deprecation over two major versions for breaking changes using TYPO3's
> deprecation log
> this is really really hard to do. maybe this could be change to
> "breaking changes must not be inside bugfix releases". this is already
> tackled with the LTS "As of the first upload to TER, extension must
> remain compatible with at least the oldest still active version of TYPO3
> ever supported"

Yes and no, maybe it's a bit "too much" for extensions but at the same
time it's so much better for integrators to be able to update their
extension and have "time" to make it 100% compatible again with breaking

Let's take an example, recently in EXT:news you wrote that there is a
breaking change in the paginator or something similar. I guess it would
not hurt myself since I did not change much of the default templates but
I currently have no time taking the risk of updating and having to dig
into a possible "side effect", so I refrain from updating for the time
being. If however it would have been "deprecated" (I know it's more work
for the extension author, I did it in 1-2 of my own extensions), then I
would only have deprecation messages remembering me that I should take
care of it but it would still work as before for a while.

Maybe we may relax a bit but the idea is really to provide "something
more" for the integrators (and possibly developers) so that using the
extension is as much a pleasure as it can be.

Xavier Perseguers
TYPO3 CMS Team Member

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