[TYPO3-core] "cherry-pick to" feature in Gerrit

Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Tue Aug 13 15:14:48 CEST 2013

> Hi,
> On 13.08.2013 14:37, Markus Klein wrote:
> [...]
> > In this scenario we have then two issues: 1) The original change-id is
> > sometimes removed
> probably if gerrit can't find it (looking in a branch, but not in open reviews)?
Maybe somebody who has a sandbox running on Gerrit can test this?
Two Scenarios:
a) Cherry-pick from merged
b) Cherry-pick from not-merged

> > 2) The newly created change-id is of course not part of the commit
> > message, but is also not visible somewhere else
> It is visible in gerrit gui in the top left. It is not visible from git changelog or
> commit message.
OMG: Thx a lot. I never spotted this tiny bit of information there. Reading is something really hard, sometimes. ;-)
It was clear to me that it is not visible in the changelog or any other GIT tool.

> [...]
> > Shouldn't cherry-picking always work? Independent whether a changeset
> > is merged or not? The button is there at least and it is a rather
> > simple GIT operation.
> yes, you are absolutly right. It's just a guess on trying to nail down the
> problem. We have seen it works sometimes and sometimes not. In order for
> a proper bugreport we'd have to make it reproducable.	
As said above. Some sandbox tests would maybe help.

> > The reason why I usually backport from branch  to branch is, that a
> > change might be easier to apply. A 6.2 patch might apply fine on 6.1,
> > but not on 6.0. But the same patch take from 6.1 might also apply on
> > 6.0, due to the context of the changes being more similar.
> I understand.
> [...]
> Greets,
> Peter


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