[TYPO3-core] "cherry-pick to" feature in Gerrit

Peter Niederlag peter.niederlag at typo3.org
Tue Aug 13 14:21:18 CEST 2013


On 13.08.2013 12:11, Markus Klein wrote:
> Hello Peter!
>> If there is no Change-Id line in the commit message then there is
>> no Change- Id, neither does gerrit have on!
> It somehow has a Change-Id, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to
> post the comment in the 6-1 change that it has been cherry-picked to
> 6-0 with id I2994839138059726716aa920c3b75a4f825a65ec.

You are definitly right. A Change—Id actually is assigned/created per
review/change. What I wanted to say is, if the commit-message doesn't
have a Change-Id and the patch is send to refs/for/BRANCH there is no
way for gerrit to identify the patch and it will create a *new*
review/change (where gerrit creates a new Change-Id).

>> Looking for the Change-Id everything seems OK:
>> https://review.typo3.org/#/q/I80fc7398c1955ff77d052377e3ba81bb8aea01cf,
>> n,z
> Not it's not: Open _all_ the links I posted.

I did open them. *Now* it is fine, all backports are to be found with
the same Change-Id. Unfortunatly this needed some manual fixing because
it didn't work out this way from the beginning.

One thing to check/test comes to my mind:
always start from a commit that is already accepted and pushed in a
regular branch. If you backport from 6-1 to 6-0 while the change on 6-1
is not accepted yet this could probably trigger the problem?



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