[TYPO3-core] "cherry-pick to" feature in Gerrit

Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Tue Aug 13 12:11:18 CEST 2013

Hello Peter!

> Hello Markus,
> On 13.08.2013 10:53, Markus Klein wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > I've the same problems with the cherry-picking feature again.
> >
> > I merged: https://review.typo3.org/23032 I cherry-picked this to 6-1:
> > https://review.typo3.org/23071 And from 6-1 I picked to 6-0:
> > https://review.typo3.org/23072
> >
> > Although I'm really sure the Change-Id was included in the commit
> messages of the cherry-picks, the 6-0 backport contained no Change-Id line
> anymore.
> > Funnily enough, in the 6-1 change a comment was posted by Gerrit saying:
> " This patchset was cherry picked to change:
> I2994839138059726716aa920c3b75a4f825a65ec"
> > Here we suddenly have a change-id.
> When you user the "cherry-pick-to" button in gerrit you get a popup which
> shows the commit message. I have *not* tested it but if it doesn't use the
> commit message as it is shown in the popup I'd consider it a bug. Are there
> any chances you have modified/copy&pasted the commit message from
> somewhere else? You are sure it had the Change-Id in there?

I did not copy the message from anywhere. The Change-Id was there for sure.
Since I already had this once, I finally consider this to be a strange bug. (See the beginning of this thread and some Skype conversation.)

> > I cherry-picked the 6-0 change locally, amended the commit and added
> > the original change-id. After pushing I got a new change now, namely:
> > https://review.typo3.org/23080
> >
> > So Gerrit has somehow a clue of the change-id, but it is not visible to the
> user.
> If there is no Change-Id line in the commit message then there is no Change-
> Id, neither does gerrit have on!
It somehow has a Change-Id, otherwise it wouldn't have been able to post the comment in the 6-1 change that it has been cherry-picked to 6-0 with id I2994839138059726716aa920c3b75a4f825a65ec.

> > And I have no idea, why my original change-id is removed.
> Either it really is a bug in the "cherry-pick-to" button or for some other
> reason it was removed before you posted it.
I guess it is a bug. Even if I removed the id, it should have created a new one for me.
(Obviously it removed the original change-Id and did create the above change-id and stored it internally, but it didn't add it to the commit message.)

> > I'll abandon the first 6-0 backport now.
> Looking for the Change-Id everything seems OK:
> https://review.typo3.org/#/q/I80fc7398c1955ff77d052377e3ba81bb8aea01cf,
> n,z
Not it's not: Open _all_ the links I posted.
What you see in the link from you now is just the "cleanup" version of mine, where I abandoned the original 6-0 backport, and repushed a new one with the correct change-id.
New backport: https://review.typo3.org/23080
Original cherry-pick (now abandoned): https://review.typo3.org/23072

> Gerrit works like this:
> - The combination of *Change-Id* plus *target* *branch* make up a single
> review/change. Either a new change/review is created or a new patch is
> added onto an existing change/review.
I know that.

> [...]
> Greets,
> Peter


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