[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 CMS fork on github, project name "Catharsis"

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Sun Apr 14 09:53:48 CEST 2013

Hi Guys,

being long in the community i must agree to some ideas.

I really like the idea to use sth. similar to guthub to make the process
easier. (e.g. gitlab).


Am 13.04.13 17:38, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
> Hi,
> On 13-4-2013 15:32, Fedir RYKHTIK wrote:
>> = Some thoughts =
>> * Actual gerrit system has quite important latency
> How do you mean that? Speed of the site itself or time it takes to review?
>> * There are tickets on Forge with solutions, which exists since several
>> years
> Feel free to help! If there is a patch, push it to gerrit to make sure
> it gets reviewed. It's a community based OpenSource project so the
> labour needs to be done by the community.
>> * TYPO3 Association has not enough Project Managers
> Are there Project Managers at all?? Besides, the Association doesn't
> develop TYPO3. The community develops it, the Association only funds
> some development and other activities as it's decided by the Association
> members.
>> * There are lots of tickets in Forge, which should be commited long time
>> ago
> Correct. We do lack manpower, especially for core team reviews. We're
> all doing what we can in our spare time.
>> * People have limited lifetime, they like to live now
>> * There are lots of frameworks which are pretty cool
>> * TYPO3 has great architectural concepts
>> * Realisation of TYPO3 could be better
>> * Big system good functioning needs goods organization
> You've lost me here... What do you mean by these points?
>> = Propositions to TYPO3 project managers =
> There no project managers that I'm aware of...
>> * Believe in community
> We all do! That's why it's a community based project.
>> * Use agile methodologies
> Many code sprints use Kanban boards; the flow/neos team uses scrum...
>> * Make TYPO3 Developer Days free as a beer
> Who pays the bill here? If you think the Association should pay for it,
> make a proposal and get the members to vote for it. Or maybe you can pay
> it?
>> * Answer to every Forge ticket in 24h
> It's a community project with no full time paid developers. We all have
> a job, family life and need to sleep; then there is also time left for
> TYPO3 work. We've already made sure there is a "Friendly Ghost" for each
> week who tries to look at each new issue.
> Again, feel free to help to look at new issues, test them and see if
> they are valid or not. That will make the life of the Friendly Ghost a
> lot easier!
>> Personally, I had a lot of patches on TYPO3 Core, which are used on our
>> sites,
> If you make the effort to get these patches in the core you don't need
> to apply them to each update :-)

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