[TYPO3-core] Re: TYPO3 CMS fork on github, project name "Catharsis"

Fedir RYKHTIK fedir.rykhtik at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 15:32:40 CEST 2013

Hi guys !

I thinks it's juste perfect. It's goes completely well with the idea of Open Source. We have a right to be free and to do what is inspiring us.

= I like the idea to fork, just it should be intelligent fork =

Personally I think lots of stuff, and it's some complicated to express all the thought in this post, but I will try to be constructive and to express my thoughts, so You could make synthesis Your side.

= Some thoughts =

* Actual gerrit system has quite important latency
* There are tickets on Forge with solutions, which exists since several years
* TYPO3 Association has not enough Project Managers
* There are lots of tickets in Forge, which should be commited long time ago
* People have limited lifetime, they like to live now
* There are lots of frameworks which are pretty cool
* TYPO3 has great architectural concepts
* Realisation of TYPO3 could be better
* Big system good functioning needs goods organization

= Propositions to TYPO3 project managers =

* Believe in community
* Use agile methodologies
* Make TYPO3 Developer Days free as a beer
* Answer to every Forge ticket in 24h

= Propositions to forkers =

* Use automatic patches instead of blind forking
* Make forks together, find teams who wants the same
* Mark on TYPO3 Forge all adjustments, which You make on Your fork

Personally, I had a lot of patches on TYPO3 Core, which are used on our sites, and each time when there is a core update, I make diff and I patch the official version. In such way You could personalize TYPO3, and to keep compatibility with official trunk. I'm trying to share adjustments with Core or Extensions.

My Best Regards,

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