[TYPO3-core] TYPO3 CMS Core Team Restructuring

Markus Klein klein.t3 at mfc-linz.at
Thu Apr 4 09:25:15 CEST 2013

Hi Steffen,

this wasn't meant as negative critics at all. I just wanted to emphasize that, as people should think critically about the search results. (As with every statistics)
If one wonders, why some of his/her reviewing work is not listed, then he/she has an explanation now.

Regarding script improvement: First, wow! I wouldn't have imagined that the Gerrit scripts runs for hours.
Second, I don't have enough Gerrit knowledge to be really helpful with this, sorry.

Kind regards

> Hi Markus,
> thanks for your feedback.
> Am 04.04.2013 00:30, schrieb Markus Klein:
> > Just a note on this search: It doesn't really catch the activity of a person.
> That's absolutely right. This is why the document does not state "is listed in
> the git log of the last six month". It just gives a short overview. We did not
> want to fix this technically. Even though we do have a more comprehensive
> script quering gerrit API and forge to detect all contributors for one release
> (which generates the contributor lists for the release notes). So if we would
> need an "git based validation" we could use that script.
> For short insights Olly's link works quite well and in opposite to the mentions
> script it works within seconds instead of an hour script-runtime.
> Anyhow: If you are interested in that script or want to contribute some
> further ideas to that, just get in contact with me.
> regards
> Steffen
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