[TYPO3-core] Translation 'en' missing

Daniel Alder dalder at snowflake.ch
Wed Oct 31 15:29:14 CET 2012

Am 31.10.2012 11:39, schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:
> May be you could code strings manually to plugin's
> locallang.xml but you could not do it with any existing translation
> tools.

...yes, snowbabel seems to be the only extension which is taking care of 
the 'en' translation in the typo3 universe.

> it was never available officially in TYPO3! If it worked by coincidence, it
> does not mean it will always work :)

...on the other hand i couldn't find any description of a xml definition 
(or something else) which is excluding the 'en' as a language in 
frontend extensions. and because it worked i decided 'it's correct to 
write the labels to l10n -> en.

so what is the meaning of using the l10n structure for frontend 
extensions? it's allowed to add a translation 'dk' for example. but no 
'en' translations? ...so on every extension update i have to 
re-translate the english part if I am not happy with the "original" 
labels from the developer? wasn't it the meaning of l10n to add 
translations to a "save place". ...why do i put languages like 'dk' in 
the l10n folder at all? ...in this case I have to change the original 
locallang file in the extension folder anyway, because it's the only 
possibility to change an english label. so why i should use the l10n? i 
can do the whole translation there.

...if I am using a versioning tool do I have to check-in the locallang 
for every customer if I am changing some english labels. so i need for 
every community extension separate branches just to translate 2 or 3 labels?

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