[TYPO3-core] Reworking css_styled_content

Daniel Alder dalder at snowflake.ch
Thu Oct 18 09:52:33 CEST 2012

hi everybody!

since the css_styled_content is one of the core elements for content 
rendering, first time I was little bit "shocked" to see the class behind.

in most case the only thing changed was the TS setup. but the function 
"render_textpic" for example seems to be the same (except some small 
changes) since 3.7 (or even further down).

but more important then the structure, CTYPEs are not expandable. For 
example it's not possible to extend the text/pic content element or use 
the same functionality from text/pic for media elements.

wouldn't it be nice to set the alignment and text for every content 
element. Or simply create a new CTYPE by extending the 
tx_css_style_content_ctype interface. ;)

every plugin would be able to use the standard content functions for 
displaying in frontend.

greez daniel

if someone is interested: i worked on kind a prototype extension which 
is supporting all css_styled_content features (from text-pic) including 
some new stuff and runs parallel to css_styled_conntent.

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