[TYPO3-core] Weird behaviour after a recent change in all supported versions

Loek Hilgersom loek at netcoop.nl
Sun Oct 7 23:42:08 CEST 2012

Hi core devs and others,

While many of you enjoyed a hopefully very inspiring T3CON12, I spent my time 
debugging some weird behaviour in one of our sites after upgrading from 4.5.17 
to 4.5.19. It concerns this change by Ernesto:
which was included in 4.5.18, 4.6.11, 4.7.3 and 6.0alpha3.

After this change, I've noticed that some Typoscript queries (CONTENT or 
RECORDS) are no longer processed correctly. I still have no idea why exactly 
this happens, so I hope someone can shed some light on this.

I've pinned it down to the following test case:

If I query the same record twice on the same page, but the first query contains 
a sub-query to get some additional information from another table, then the 
second query fails.

In Typoscript:

lib.nestedQuery = CONTENT
lib.nestedQuery {
	wrap = <div>First query for user: |</div>
	table = fe_users
	select {
		pidInList = 5
		selectFields = last_name,usergroup
		where = uid=2
	renderObj = COA
	renderObj {
		10 = TEXT
		10.field = last_name

		20 = COA
		20.10 = CONTENT
		20.10 {
			wrap = <div>Usergroups first user:|</div>
			table = fe_groups
			select {
				pidInList = 5
				andWhere.dataWrap = uid={field:usergroup}
			renderObj = TEXT
			renderObj.field = title

lib.failingQuery = CONTENT
lib.failingQuery {

	wrap = <div>Second query for the same user: |</div>
	table = fe_users
	select {
		pidInList = 5
		where = uid=2
	renderObj = TEXT
	renderObj.field = last_name

page = PAGE
page {
	typeNum = 0
	10 < lib.nestedQuery
	20 < lib.failingQuery

- If I try this, the second query returns no result.
- If I change the order of the 2 queries inside the PAGE object, then everything 
works fine.
- Also, the superfluous 20 = COA before the sub-query is there for a reason: if 
I change COA to COA_INT, then all works fine.

The commit causing trouble only makes a small change to function 
sanitizeSelectPart in sysext cms/tslib/class.tslib_content.php, ending up with 
slightly different select parts for the queries (with or without adding 
'fe_users.uid AS uid, fe_users.pid AS pid'). I just don't see how this could 
have the effect described above, but it does (reverting that single commit 
solves the problem).

Maybe someone has an idea how this is related?


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