[TYPO3-core] Visual standard for backend modules

Søren Malling soren.malling at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 19:53:46 CET 2012

Hi all,

Long mail short:

"How about having the usability team to form a visual standard for backend

Think about it.. We are having many great backend modules, but they all
differ in there different visual look. Some of them due to hard
maintainable code and some for other reasons.

Many UI improvements was merged into the latest release and those little
color and position changes are great. How about we try and set a visual
standard (we already got a CGL) for core backend modules (at least) and
give other backend module developers a easy way of reusing the concept.

Think about it, as a Fluid layout with different sections based on the UI
of backend modules.

At the same time of setting a visual standard, it might get us to rethink
the way we look at the backend today.

Maybe it's time to move the action buttons to the bottom of the screen?
Introduce <marquee> for some weird stuff?
Get rid of the submodule <select> and instead use tabs or different?
Maybe the topbar could be used for other modules (username giving easy
access to User Settings, Dashboard etc., and remove modules from left side)?
Maybe the <blink>-tag could get a revival?

So what is needed to "get things done" - or at least get it kickstarted?
First of all, we need feedback from the usability team and core team, that
this could be a official project for ex. 6.1 or 6.2. We will sit down and
define a standard, nice-to-haves/need-to-haves etc.

And as things gets decided great coding forces will be added to the
mixture, implementing these great descissions and changes.

If this will be accepted as a official project, with the support from core-
and usability team mentioned above, I will like to take the task as leader
for this project and gather people - unless someone else feels more like
it, then we can fight over it?! :-)

Let me get your feedback, I can handle the truth! :-)

Have a nice weekend, and whatever comes your way!



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