[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Mon Nov 12 12:20:07 CET 2012

Jigal van Hemert schrieb am 10.11.2012 01:02:

> As Ernesto explained there is a budget application for having someone
> working on these kind of issues a couple of days a month. At the moment
> the ideas is that Christian Kuhn might be a good candidate for that. He
> is a core team member so he has merge rights and can bring your
> backports into the core.

To make this clear, Christian Kuhn haven't been hired for backporting
fixes to the LTS. I guess Christian won't even have the time to do that
(but we might of course ask). His work of QA, Unit Tests, Post-Reviews
etc are currently mainly targeted to the development of the "new
release" (6.0 currently, but will continue at least during 6.1).

*But* this budget could also be used for someone to step in and do the
backporting part of the work.

Question remains on who is willing to do more maintenance work. If
someone steps in and applies for such a job: we can talk about it. We
could support guys like you (Mario) doing the "actual work" of
backporting and testing financially (to minimize the frustration
level...) but undoubtedly we need one or two Core Developers to do the
actual final reviews and merging.

> If there is another LTS version, perhaps with considerable overlap these
> few days a month might not be enough. More (hired) manpower could be a
> solution here.

Regardless of whether the new LTS turns out to be 6.1 (Apr/2013) or 6.2
(Oct/2013), the required amount of time required to be spend maintaining
them is the same, as in both situations we will have exactly the same
amount of releases to maintain at the same time:

* 4x from Apr-Oct/2013: 6.1, 6.0, 4.7, 4.5 LTS
* 3x from Oct/2013 on (*): 6.2, 6.1, 4.5 LTS


(*) following the new suggestion from Benni in this thread

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