[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Wed Nov 7 22:11:28 CET 2012


>> So, for me, the question remains: Do we need all these new fancy
>> features (which are great, no doubt!) in short lifecycles? And who,
>> respective why? Or do we probably prefer a few features less per year in
>> new releases but having a stable and safe and maintainable version for
>> agencies (and other parties who do not want or do not have the resources
>> to update every year)?
> This kind of depends on whether you find enough people among the 
> community (especially among the Core-devs) who are willing to do more 
> support and less features. From my experiences it's very very unlikely 
> that people who work in their free-time will "just" stick to 
> maintenance.

I can understand that argument. Even if I don't agree with it. Just 
because it is not fun to maintain an LTS release does not mean that 
there is no need of one in the whole perspective.

> I actually agree to Jigal that "LTS" seems to be a way to move "cost" 
> away from the customer/agency into the community. And the community has 
> to decide whether to support this or not.

I don't agree with that. We are a Gold member of the Association for 
years now. Since the release of the 4.5 LTS version, we did not need 
one single new feature, just maintenance releases of the LTS. So in my 
point of view, we paid for having the maintenance of the LTS version 
(please don't start a new discussion about the usage of the Assoc. 
budget at this point, I'm aware of all this).

> I personally prefer the way we have it right now, with the many 
> releases - because that is what keeps active contributors happy. The 
> longer I think about LTS the more I'd say that the marketing team 
> should come up with a better way to communicate stability to the 
> customers without that "strong" label.

I'm still strongly FOR an LTS version, but what I'm reading between the 
lines of mostly all core developer speaking in this discussion, it's 
just a matter of money.

So: Who would actually be willing to support an LTS version if this 
work would be funded by the Association? Because if there are 
developers here that would actually do this job if it gets funded, we 
would have to talk about this in the Association.

Best regards

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