[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Wed Nov 7 12:26:28 CET 2012


> The funding is pretty much public IMO. In short (probably too short, 
> but you'll get the general idea):
> - core team leaders are paid part-time
> - core team members and contributors are not paid at all for coding; 
> some are sponsored by their employers (or by themselves) by allowing 
> some working hours to be spent on core work
> - core team members get reimbursed for cost of travel, hotel and part 
> of the event fee for core team meetings (up till this year only T3DD, 
> next year perhaps also T3CON if budget is given)
> - contributors and core team members who attend code sprints are 
> reimbursed for cost of travel and hotel

So you don't get lunch anyway ;)
Neither if you're working on new versions or maintaining current 
versions. And we can continue our discussion about reasons and discuss 
the funding thing elsewhere.

> As you can see contributors (including core team members) are not paid 
> (there is paid development for Flow/Neos, but we're talking here about 
> TYPO3 CMS). For next year there is a budget application to have a paid 
> developer (a couple of days per month) for maintenance tasks that are 
> currently not done.
> If agencies want to have more and longer maintenance then they should 
> find a solution for that (possibly through the Association). As 
> developers are not paid for development there is little you can demand 
> from them.
> LTS has been sold as a cheap solution to have a long time without 
> (paid) updates. If this long time of support has to be paid by the 
> agencies then the clients probably have to pay for that too.

Why blame the agencies? At least, they are implementing probably the 
most important bunch of professional TYPO3 instances. And they are 
maintaining them also. Which helps in return TYPO3 as a project because 
the installations are kept up to date (remember the discussion about 
TYPO3 being insecure and all that?). And they probably fund a large 
amount of the money being raised to the Association.

So, for me, the question remains: Do we need all these new fancy 
features (which are great, no doubt!) in short lifecycles? And who, 
respective why? Or do we probably prefer a few features less per year 
in new releases but having a stable and safe and maintainable version 
for agencies (and other parties who do not want or do not have the 
resources to update every year)?

Best regards

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