[TYPO3-core] Proposal for the upcoming Roadmap and LTS

Lukas Lukas
Wed Nov 7 09:44:39 CET 2012


>> As I understand the point of the core team to reduce the number of
>> actively maintained versions, I definitively vote for an LTS version
>> from the agency point of view.
> there is doubt that a new LTS will be there.

That's why we are discussing about this issue here...

>> I would like to emphazise: The customers are not
>> primarily pushing towards new features, they want solutions. They don't
>> care, if feature A or B is already here because if the needed task can
>> be accomplished easily, they are happy and don't care about features at
>> all.
> of course. most of customers also don't care if it is TYPO3 or Fobar.
> Features are needed by agencies to fulfill needs of customers. If there
> is no new need, you don't need to update.

Yes, there is need if we want to support a website for more than a 
lifecycle of one version! Not because of features but because of 

>> We have roughly 60 active TYPO3 instances, all running the current 4.5
>> LTS. Every year, some instances are added. If we would be forced to
>> upgrade all these instances every 6 months, we would have to hire a
>> developer just for this task. And someone would have to pay him, which
>> -- in the end -- will be the customer.
> no reason to update just because you can. I guess you won't do that for
> extensions either.

Same as above. We cannot avoid the upgrades. But we don't want to do 
them every 6 months!


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