[TYPO3-core] Alert before leaving unsaved changes

Robert Wildling robertwildling at gmail.com
Thu May 24 16:36:34 CEST 2012

Guys - please stay with the topic!!!

This is the core dev list - so I dared to ask if anybody of the core 
team memebrs is actually planning to implement or already working on 
such a feature at the moment - just to find out what the status quo is. 
Why do you always see such questions as demands? My first post has not a 
single indication of a "command" that the core team or anybody else has 
to implement such a feature. Read again.

If there is interest, but nobody is working on a solution, then I / we / 
you / they / (=) TYPO3 can maybe find somebody / hire / pay etcetc.

Let me try again and this time please may I kindly ask you to stay with 
the topic itself:

I would like to know:

- if there is an "Alert on unsaved changes"; (this is answered: no, 
there isn't)

- if not, is anybody already working on an implementation; (doesn't seem 

- if not, is there a general interest (there is from the side of my 
people, my clientel, my friends, and myself - anybody else - doesn't 
seem so either at the moment...);

- if not - may this thread rest in peace; if yes, let's find a solution.

Is that clearer? If not help my by trying your best to understand this 
post in the best possible meant way, ok?

Thanks, Robert

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