[TYPO3-core] Alert before leaving unsaved changes

Robert Wildling robertwildling at gmail.com
Wed May 23 14:43:40 CEST 2012

Interesting - I seem to have hit a sensitive point - unfortunately with 
the always same answers: no time, hire someone do it yourself (well, I 
am not a good programmer, so that is out of the question; hiring: I 
tried in the past and offered money - no response...)

Anyway, this is not meant to offend anybody, but to collect opinions on 
the idea. "Constructive critizism", if you like - as requested on typo3.org.

Maybe something changed after 2 years (last forge date) concering the 
"Alert on change" topic and people want to see that feature, maybe not. 
I certainly do miss it.

So, please don't take everything personally, stay away from that "no 
time", "hire somebody" etc stuff and discuss *the idea* - if you want.

Depending on the result, the hire and money question can then be raised 
again. OK?


> Hi,
> On 23-5-2012 13:36, Robert Wildling wrote:
>> [...] that TYPO3 just doesn't want to implement [...]
> Who is "TYPO3"? TYPO3 is a community driven Open Source project. You can
> add this functionality yourself or find (or hire) someone who can do it
> for you.
> For most issues it's not a matter of not wanting to do something about
> it, it's just that spare time is limited and there are tons of things to
> do.
> Hope you understand that it's a matter of limited resources. Writing in
> a list that "they" should do something will not change this.

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