[TYPO3-core] Alert before leaving unsaved changes

Robert Wildling robertwildling at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:36:36 CEST 2012

Thanks for your response, Lorenz! And thanks for that link!

I do that kind of training with my people, too. And it is a question 
that frequently comes up and they like to compare with CMSs like 
WordPress, Joomla and such.

It seems again to be one of those usabilty features that TYPO3 just 
doesn't want to implement. That makes a very modern CMS kind of very 
conservative. Just recently I was wandering why, with the relaunch of 
typo3.org, they didn't implement a "Stay logged in" button with the 
login form. Whenever I want to go to forge, I have to keep going back to 
login. Not very inviting, if people wish to post a bug or vote for a 
feature or write a comment or whatever - maybe causing people to 
evenutally not post anything.

Of course there came the answer "edit your cookie in your browser, there 
are plugins for that". Yes, good, and yes, every- and anything is 
possible in TYPO3 - just not always in a userfriendly, "proven" (in the 
meaning of known from other software packages, also desktop 
applications) way.

No doubt there where many usability improvements, expecially with 4.3 
(in my opinion). But development shouldn't stop. And a simple alert that 
pops up shouldn't that much of a problem, considering the amount of 
JavaScript on the backend... is it?

I'd like to here more from the community and see if there is a way to go.


> Hi Robert
> This is a missing feature that has been discussed sometimes in the past.
> There is an issue filed in Forge:
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/22326
> In my work, I'm doing training for TYPO3 powerusers and never had
> problems with that topic. You teach them the save on leave or changes
> are discareded and they know.
> Best regards,
> Lorenz
> Am 23.05.2012 02:03, schrieb Robert Wildling:
>> Hi, T3 team,
>> When having started editing some content, and leaving it, there is no
>> warning about unsaved changes. I wonder if I miss something or if this
>> is a missing feature?
>> If it is really not implemented, i would like to know if you plan to do
>> build in such a feature. What do you think abot it? Would be great to
>> read your opinions here.
>> Thanks, Robert

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