[TYPO3-core] removeBadHTML is returning an empty string [#20866]

Bernd Wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Thu May 10 08:48:29 CEST 2012

Yesterday I stumbled over an bug in TYPO3, which may based on a 
misconfiguration of PHP:

using FeEdit with some larger texts, the large text is thrown away after 

the origin of this was:
removeBadHTML is returning an empty string

using the code of the function I could find: using the complex regexp 
the empty string is returned.
Breaking down the regexp, gives a clean result.

reading the php-documentation about preg_replace you find mentionings 
about empty string returns in the comments [¹] about limitations in 
php.ini-configuration. as we don't have these very long strings (100k), 
the complexitivity of the used regexp seems to reach the limits with 
shorter strings (~2k)

more comments in the bug-entry:

(BTW: the attached patch seems to belong to another problem)

[¹] that's why I would like to have the comments-function also in TSRef


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