[TYPO3-core] pidInList = *

Robert Wildling robertwildling at gmail.com
Fri May 4 18:00:36 CEST 2012

AWESOME!!! Sorry, first time I see that!
Thanks, Jo!
(I actually did ask in the German or English list, but this answer 
didn't come up. So, believing this kind of functionality didn't exist, I 
wanted to propose it here as sth that should be a core feature... well...)


> Am 04.05.2012 13:41, schrieb Robert Wildling:
>> Hi, core team,
>> I just was confronted with the situation to collect all contents of the
>> whole tt_content table with colPos=3. Strangely enough I had to realize
>> that this is way more difficult than it could be. Instead of just using
>> sth like this:
>> pidinList = *
> TSRef says:
> recursive
> Until TYPO3 4.5: int
> Since TYPO3 4.6: int /stdWrap
> Recursive levels for the pidInList
> So you just have to make sure to set a level that's high enough and use
> the root page to start the recursion from.
> BTW: This is the core list, you should ask things like that in
> typo3.english or maybe typo3.german
> Cheers
> Joey

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