[TYPO3-core] Contribution to TYPO3 v4 :: PHP unit tests (before pushing to gerrit)

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Tue Jun 12 20:19:31 CEST 2012

Hi Roland,

Roland wrote:

> i commited some CGL violation patches lately and would like to start
> unit testing the core before i push my commit to gerrit.
> what is the best way to do this?
> i (for testing purpose) just installed EXT:phpunit in a TYPO3 project
> (TYPO3 4.7.1) i work on and clicked on "run all tests" in it's backend
> module:

That is the preferred way to do it. TYPO3 needs bootstrapping and thus the 
extension phpunit to run unit tests.

> --- quote ---
> 696 tests, 814 assertions, 11 failures, 31 skipped, 1 not implemented, 1
> errors, 12.565 seconds, 23 MB (23913832 B) memory leaks
> --- /quote ---

Much better than my results (master/typo3)
1718 tests, 2142 assertions, 52 failures, 107 skipped, 0 incomplete, 20 
errors, 22.747 seconds, 42 MB (43755640 B) memory leaks

> there seems to exist tests which do not pass. is this ok? if so: does
> unit testing make sense before pushing to gerrit?

definitely makes sense. Just test what you changed.

> i went to ci.typo3.org and searched for phpunit test results? does
> jenkins execute the unit tests for TYPO3 v4 at the moment?
> ++ "Projekt typo3-v4-core-gerrit" only executes PHP syntax checks & 11
> codesniffer rules
> ++ "Projekt typo3-v4-core-nightly" executes PHP Lint, Codesniffer, PHP
> Copy and Paste detection and PHP Depend - but not PHP unit tests
> these 2 jobs are the only ones that are executed on a regular base.

That is sad, but some people are working on running them via travis+varnich.

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