[TYPO3-core] Class namespaces with 6.0

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Tue Jul 24 15:28:52 CEST 2012

Hi Ernesto,

Ernesto Baschny wrote:

> Christian Kuhn schrieb am 24.07.2012 00:07:
>> There were lots of requests and rumours about proper php 5.3 class
>> namespacing for the TYPO3 core in the past and things started to happen
>> at several community events and in the wild.
>> The most promising approach is lead by Thomas Maroschik. During the code
>> sprint in Freiburg, Thomas with some fellow people worked on this
>> evolution.
>> Susi, Helmut, Olly, Christian and Thomas Maroschik had a skype meeting
>> with the topic 'TYPO3 core with namespaces for 6.0' today.
>> (...)
>> We are all looking forward to get this done. If we manage to keep
>> backwards compatibility together with a new class scheme it would be a
>> great leap forward for a more modern core. With 6.0 we have the chance
>> to do that once and for all, so lets get it done!
> +1 and big thumbs up!
> The direction and the list of goals sounds perfect! We can all rest
> assured that we have a great team of experienced core developers and
> long time contributors working on that important issue. The interaction
> with the FLOW3 team provides us vital certainty that we're on the right
> track and clearly demonstrate how we in the TYPO3 community share the
> mission to "jointly innovate excellent free software".
> Having such care and dedication for backwards compatibility is what sets
> us apart from most other competitor CMSs. We take the "major release"
> opportunity to clean up, but people can still rely that TYPO3 is still
> TYPO3.
> That's the spirit! Thanks!
> Go for it!

+1 very nicely said!

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