[TYPO3-core] [FEATURE] Flexible cHash Calculation

Tolleiv Nietsch info at tolleiv.de
Wed Feb 22 08:41:59 CET 2012


Helmut Hummel schrieb:
> Adding new classes which introduce hard wired dependencies to global
> variables is bad style imho. We should at least try to make the
> dependiencies "injectable" or at least sort of.

True - you've got a valid point here, the missing symmetry (setters 
without getters) is less worse than the hard wired connection.

>  > 2) the set* methods are not used in the core and therefore introduce
>  > unrequired public methods to the class interface
> I'm fine with changing that.

Would be great if you'd find the time for that.

> I would have voted -1 for the previous patchset, but I invested 2h to
> comply to the patch for a patch rule. Does not seem to pay off.

I'm sorry my message might have been a bit too harsh, this patchset is 
around forever and doesn't seem to come to an end. That's why I wanted 
to discuss it here and I tried to explain my point of view and wanted to 
get an idea what yours is (and hoped to hear others too).

I agree with your arguments and hope others too. Would be great if you'd 
fine the time to change the visibility of setters.

I still wonder if it's possible to get this into 4.7 ;)


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