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First of all this wasn't personal and targeted more people and if you 
follow the patch-for-a-patch rule, everything is fine.

Still the post-merge hooks seem to be tolerant enough to work with both 
terms - why can't the people be a bit more tolerant too? Everyone can 
read the purpose of "Fixes" and "Resolves" easily so there's no point to 
start such fights ;) - besides that both are clear keywords and using 
them as synonyms doesn't litter up our commit messages anyhow. Same goes 
for "Releases" <> "Branches".


Markus Klein schrieb:
> Hi folks,
> Obviously I was the most active "nitpicker" in the last days. Yes, I think the minimum thing we can expect from anybody is to stick to the rules.
> The rules are clearly outlined in the WIKI.
> I have no idea why the distinction between Fixes and Resolves has been introduced and why it has been introduced silently in the WIKI only.
> Furthermore the examples in the WIKI were wrong for a long time, which were corrected by me some month ago.
> I encourage everyone to read through http://wiki.typo3.org/CommitMessage_Format_%28Git%29 again and correct everything that might be unclear there.
> Having clear and consistent commit messages is the first step towards quality in my eyes!
> Just as a note: I almost always give a -1 by reading on such patches, but the follow-up patch with the corrected message follows about a minute later. (patch for patch)
> The simple reason for this: There should be an obvious reason why a new patch version has been uploaded.
> Feel free to send me a note if you think this consistency is unnecessary and I should stop nitpicking. (No problem ;-))
> Kind regards
> Markus
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>> Am 19.02.2012 09:17, schrieb Tolleiv Nietsch:
>>> looking into most change requests in Gerrit you'll see that commit
>>> messages turn out to be a huge playground for our dear nitpickers.
>>> The defined commit message format [1] distinguishes between "Fixes",
>>> "Resolves" for certain issue types and it allows "Releases" but not
>>> "Branches" for the targets. It's not much but still people (even Core
>>> devs) seem to run into the trap quite often and the nitpickers are
>>> happy to show them.
>>> Therefore there are two things I need to ask here:
>>> 1) Nitpickers - Y U NO follow "patch for a patch" rules? [2] It's
>>> soooo easy - fetch the patch, amend the commit message and push.
>>> 2) All other Folks - do we really need to distinguish between "Fixes"
>>> and "Releases" based on the context and are we really so square headed
>>> to forbid "Branches" as alias for "Releases"? Do we really want to
>>> make it so easy for the nitpickers? Are there technical reasons for that?
>>> [1] http://wiki.typo3.org/CommitMessage_Format_(Git)
>>> [2]
>>> http://lists.typo3.org/pipermail/typo3-project-v4/2011-March/002115.ht
>>> ml
>> The reason for these different keywords before the issue numbers are just their semantical differences. All tools we have (like my
>> "merges to the core") do not care if it is called "Fixes" or "Resolves" (it seems in this thread "Resolves" is being confused with
>> "Releases", which is a wrong keyword for be used in conjunction with an issue number).
>> So in general I don't care which keyword is there, our tools should just accept both as possible.
>> As for a "Releases" tag (I've never seen this, has this been done
>> before??) it's a bit misleading to call it "Branches" as for example "4.7" is not really a branch (yet). And we should not put "Branches:
>> 4.5, 4.6, master", because the master is a moving target (i.e. in a context of 4.8 development the above mentioned tag would specify
>> that it doesn't apply to 4.7).
>> My "merges to the core" tool doesn't consider a potential "Branches" tag (yet).
>> I also agree with the general comments that nitpicking should be discouraged in exchange to a new corrected patchset.
>> Cheers,
>> Ernesto

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