[TYPO3-core] How to get started with FAL from incubator....

Steffen Ritter steffen.ritter at typo3.org
Tue Feb 14 22:04:20 CET 2012

Hi Tolleiv,

Am 14.02.2012 20:14, schrieb Tolleiv Nietsch:
>   * installed EXT:file, EXT:vidi and EXT:media (not sure if all of them
> are needed?)
vidi is obsolete, as we do not have ExtJS 4 anymore.
Media is an option but is a complete addon - like DAM and currently not 
"helping" as development has been stalled in favor for the basic levels

 > * Successfully completed the "Migrate file relations of tt_content 
"uploads"" wizard

Great, are uploads working (files kept), I did that one and to me it 
seemed to work, too. But always hard to test.

 > * Tried to run "Migrate file relations" which didn't work
Sad, but I think this might have been known as the upgrade wizards are 
on the topic list. If the uploads wizard worked, we just could copy and 
paste it for images - or think of having a general one which looks 
through TCA and migrates all file-fields.

 > I'm not sure if that's it?

I would say it should be - you may control, if there is an automaticly 
created Storage for Fileadmin on rootlevel.
If not - the upgrade wizards (at least mine) cannot work as there ist no 

As getRootlevelFolder() is a storage method, this really could be the case.

I could imagine that we need a way to ensure, that the FAL tables are 
created before the upgrade wizard is run...



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