[TYPO3-core] CMS 6.1 - "Incremental Improvement" - Ideas

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Thu Dec 27 15:08:50 CET 2012

On 12/27/2012 02:28 PM, Jigal van Hemert wrote:
> Hi,
> On 27-12-2012 12:12, Olivier Dobberkau wrote:
>> Am 27.12.12 09:36, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
>>> Maybe also get a new graphics library which allows for remote
>>> processing, etc.?
>> We invite everyone to join our "cloudy" project.
>> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-cloudy
> This "cloudy" project has absolutely nothing to do with this feature or
> with FAL.
> The aim of the "cloudy" project is 'to be able to host TYPO3 in the
> different cloudbased enviroments'. That is: to *run* TYPO3 in a cloud
> based server.
> The feature I mentioned (and the FAL drivers I mentioned) aims to use
> files / images / etcetera from a remote source (not necessarily cloud
> based) and support (part of the) processing on the remote source. (For
> example: you have an image server and when you request one of the images
> you can set the size in your request. That way TYPO3 wouldn't need to
> download a 12MB full size image for a thumbnail and do the resizing in
> TYPO3)
> Besides allowing remote processing, other 'drivers' could provide
> support for the IMagick and GMagick PHP libraries, Imagine, or whatever
> other graphics processor.

+1 on that idea. Could you open a forge-entry for that?
Imho it's "small" enough for an initial implementation that it doesn't
necessarily need a separate (sub-)project.


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