[TYPO3-core] Was the deprecation policy followed for TYPO3 6.0?

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Tue Dec 4 12:29:26 CET 2012


On 4-12-2012 9:09, Roland wrote:
> my working collegue bitched about so much incompatible extensions (e.g.
> tt_news and tt_address) with 6.0. i did my best to calm him down (e.g.
> "this was communicated long time ago", "you can use EXT:news", "well, it
> is a major release", etc.) but was not sure if i can tell him that the
> deprecation policy (remove deprecated stuff 2 versions later) was
> followed 100%.

The sad truth is that not all extensions are updated in time for a new 
release. Even though the removed functions were logged in the 
deprecation log since TYPO3 4.6 there are many extensions which aren't 
After the functions are finally removed (and fatal errors occur) part of 
those extensions are updated with a new release. Other extensions are 
not updated and could be regarded as "abandoned".

The series of alpha, beta and RC versions prior to the final release of 
a new TYPO3 version could also be used to test extensions for 
compatibility and to ask the extension author for an update in time for 
the final release.

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