[TYPO3-core] Release Team meetings, feature freeze, 6.0 beta1 release, ...

Steffen Müller typo3 at t3node.com
Mon Aug 20 11:16:43 CEST 2012


On 18.08.2012 18:01 Oliver Hader wrote:
> 5) Logging Framework
> This project has been included in the Core, however the "make use of it"
> part is still missing here. There are some issue in the core issue
> tracker and a lot of more in the logging project tracker - however I'm
> not sure what is still targeted for 6.0.0 after the inclusion...

you are right, the "make use of it" part still has to be done. IMHO it's
not realistic that we get anything done before the freeze tonight. And I
am not a fan of quick+dirty solutions. So we probably forward this to
6.1. The polishing and review phase took much more time than estimated
and in the end we are satisfied that the API made it into the core
before feature freeze.

What's next?
Beside the official documenation there will be some articles/tutorials
to propagate the Logging API.
I will also work on a backport of the API for 4.5-4.7, so that you can
make use of it in extensions without legacy code.
The API is extendable so we will ship more features
(writers/processors/configuration sets) with extensions via forge. This
gives us more flexibility to publish new stuff when it's finished.

The Logging project on forge [1] also needs some love:

[1] http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-logging/


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