[TYPO3-core] Decision about jQuery in TYPO3 6.0

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Sun Aug 19 19:47:06 CEST 2012


On 19-8-2012 17:17, "Christian Müller (Kitsunet)" wrote:
>>> As the feature freeze will start tomorrow and finishing the jQuery
>>> documentation, the plugin API needs more time and thoughts, we decided
>>> the following:
>>> * The API for using jQuery stays there, but will be marked as
>>>    "unstable" and is potentially subject to be changed in 6.1
>>> * No parts of the core are allowed use jQuery in TYPO3 6.0, except the
>>>    new extension manager
>>> * The extension manager will be changed to use the page renderer jQuery
>>>    API to include the base jQuery library, but will still hardcode the
>>>    inclusion of the needed jQuery plugins.
>> My only concern is: If the current jQuery pagerenderer API is "unstable"
>> and not documented and we don't encourage it to be used, *and* not even
>> the EM6.0 is using it, why keep it in the 6.0 release? Just drop it for
>> now, and include it as soon as we branch 6.0 "off", so that it can be
>> included as a whole concept in 6.1.
> As I read the above the EM will use the (unstable) API and if that API
> is at least a good starting point for the effort for 6.1 I think it
> makes sense to keep it in.

That API is considered as unstable and it's not allowed to use it in 
other parts of the core. Currently the EM 6.0 uses jQuery it includes by 
itself and has to be changed to use the API.
In 6.1 the API is likely to change and the EM must be changed again to 
use that new API.

I agree with Ernesto that including an unstable API can only confuse 
extension developers and might invite them to use it anyway.
We can just not change the EM 6.0, let it use its own jQuery, modify it 
in 6.1 to use the completed API and remove the unstable jQuery API for 
now. Less effort, less confusion, less JS libraries.

Jigal van Hemert
TYPO3 Core Team member

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