[TYPO3-core] extbase<->FAL connector merged for 6.0

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Sun Aug 19 13:56:00 CEST 2012

CC to core list

Hey there,

since FAL is one of the main features of 6.0 it was important for us to 
see a basic extbase implementation, too.

Oliver created some base models together with a type converter. This 
allows extbase to create FAL objects if they are connected to model 
properties. You can take a look at the functional unit tests to see what 
is working. The implementation is limited, it is for example not 
possible to create FAL objects via fluid forms.

The whole implementation is marked as experimental for now. We are 
unsure if the given concept of wrapper classes will be the solution for 
all our tasks. Therefor, we decided to merge the feature for now to give 
a chance to developers to use and hack on it in the wild, but it is also 
possible that the whole thing is thrown away in later version again and 
substituted with something different. It is also target to be changed, 
so the code and construct might be adapted even after feature freeze. 
This all is only is possible because the code is a standalone feature 
and does not interfere with the rest of the code.

So: Please test and use this implementation, report and fix issues and 
gather experience in this area. Please be also aware that the core on 
the other side did not declare this API as stable and you could be faced 
with a needed adaption later on.


[1] https://review.typo3.org/#/c/13885/
[2] http://forge.typo3.org/issues/39926

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